Don't turn to stone, due to social anxiety, lighten up on the seriousness, or at least try something new.

This was me, at 5, and I had no problems socializing.  That's not the case today, because of a TBI, I've become a social cripple.  I'm on the case, of not being one.   It takes work, and practice, overcoming social anxiety.
                                                         Socializing with these, beautiful, people (today) was difficult, but theraputic.  
 I couldn't get into this photo, or stay long at the party, and they were having a, terrific, party; however,  I did manage to get a photo of me, in this post (next picture). I can't take any photo of me too seriously, anymore, now that I'm 58. Hugh Laurie's character, Gregory House, MD, is holding a photo of me (taken 2-21-16). 
My Dad joked alot, and I miss him.  This is a caricature of my Dad                  I used a, free, online photo editor >

"Don't worry - be funny..."

  Having health concerns, or problems, can be a depressing thing, especially if you have to spend long periods of time alone, or in bed. Depression is treatable, and you can talk to your doctor about it.  Group therapy is a great way to remind you that you are not alone in your misery - plenty of people are wrestling with depression. Some depressions are chemical, i.e. major depression and clinical depression, but there's also justifiable depression, and seasonal depression; whereby some things, and situations, are justifiably sad.  When I try to ignore the sadness, it surfaces at night, and I cry in my sleep.  It's a problem, in more ways than one, because my pillow gets drenched, and I either end up with a cold in my neck muscles (stiff neck), or an ear ache from tears in my ears. I have used traditional medicine, and therapy, as well as alternative medicine, and therapy, so I know that there are things that actually work to treat depression.   In the 90's, I visited a Chinese market, here in Sacramento, where Dr. He had an office set up inside the store, to counsel people, as well as prescribe and administer herbs, and other apothecary dietary supplements.  Dr. He gave me some great advice, he said "Don't worry- be funny. You be funny - you be happy, you be healthy, you be younger, and live longer."  He then told me to go to the library and read about humor, and funny things. Thank you, Dr. He, for your advice. Here are some helpful links that I have visited, and some books I've read on "Humor":, AND
 > >  AND>

I'm Saddened By The Death Of Robin Williams, But Comforted By Learning More About Him

What happened?,   and   So much controversy!  Robin Williams helped a lot of people, brought laughter, and understanding, to a sad world.  There are plenty of good things to say about this man. I've been learning more about what he struggled with, and I realize that there are so many others, like him, that suffer in the same way Robin did, silently.  Last night I listened to an interesting radio show, called "Coast To Coast", broadcasted by the radio station KFBK, 1530 AM, from 10pm - 2am Pacific Time.  Dr. John Gray, Ph.D. was the guest, and he has a brilliant insight on natural remedies, for many diseases, that seem to be plaguing  a large number of people.  Among the topics discussed, they remembered Robin Williams, and the health issues he struggled with, daily.  ( R.I.P. Robin Williams, you are missed.)  Here is a sample of what Dr. John Gray, Ph.D. said, and wrote,  "... By reducing the oxidative stress that was causing my Parkinson’s disease, I inadvertently ended my ADHD. It was a surprise discovery...."  From "STAYING FOCUSED IN A HYPER WORLD" (BOOK 1), by Dr. John Gray, Ph.D.. and he's giving this ebook away  To learn more about what was discussed go

Thinking happy thoughts, and talking happy talk, may transform my mind - and my life. It's worth a try.

 Nice people, and good movies help  me cope with an, otherwise, bad day.  I seek out positive, caring, and lovely people who look for the good, and use words to help. Sometimes, a kind word is all it takes to turn a bad day around.  There is a song in the movie, "South Pacific", called "Happy Talk", which is an uplifting song, and the movie is available - at Amazon. > > > >